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What Happened To ApprenticeFacts?

I wanted to answer a question that many people have been asking about. ApprenticeFacts is a daily YouTube channel where we’re uploading 1138 facts about Star Wars. Over time, we also want to launch other series’ as well (Harry Potter Facts, Lord of the Rings Facts, etc.)

Don’t worry, we haven’t had any copyright issues. We have everything worked out legally, as I’m very lucky blessed to have a relationship with Lucasfilm due to the Star Wars A Cappella video. Watchers of our ApprenticeEh daily vlogs might remember we visited Lucasfilm in San Francisco 3 times last year. [1] [2] [3]

There were delays in the Facts for a few reasons. One being that we found a couple of books about Star Wars that were more accurate than previous information, so it made a lot of our Facts obsolete and/or need to be rewritten. The 2007 book The Making Of Star Wars is not only incredibly detailed, but it changes a lot of what I thought I knew about the making of the series. The book was brought to my attention after the Facts launched, so I purchased it immediately. It took me almost a month to read, and I just finished it.

The second comes down to the availability of writers (Tim Fierce, Joel K Sullivan, and myself). Tim Fierce used to stay here 3-5 nights a week, but he’s back living at home now, to spend time with his family (and I’m sure it’s more comfortable there than at the ApprenticeA house, haha). He’s still writing our upcoming cartoon series ‘The Apprentices’, which is going to début this month.

And finally, we have been working on a really large project that we’ve been keeping under wraps for almost all of 2012, and it’s finally about to launch. It’s taken up almost all of our time lately, however, we’ll be announcing it very, very soon, and we’re very, very excited.

When the Facts come back, we’ll upload 2 a day until we’re caught up to where we should be.

Thank you for continuing to watch our videos, and thank you for caring about what this silly team of Canadians is up to.


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